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How to Brew Perfect Coffee

Can you make coffee with cold water?

Sometimes you need your caffeine fix but want your coffee cold. The kettle may not be working or the weather outside is so pleasant and sunny that you’d prefer a cooler drink. Either way, you may be wondering if you can make coffee with cold water. The answer to that depends on the coffee youRead more

14 Unique Coffee Gifts for Valentines

Shopping for that special Man in your life who just so happens to love coffee? Whether you live with him or are miles away, a coffee lover will always appreciate a coffee-related gift with a difference.

How to Support Your Local Coffee Roasters During Social Distancing

I have lost track as to how many days we are now into social distancing and staying home. I miss my local coffee shop, but in the presence of everything going on, I have found a few ways that I can support my local coffee roasters and coffee shops during this time, so I thoughtRead more

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The World of Speciality Coffee

Beans from Central America, South America, and East Africa. 

Our featured coffee was from Central America, South America, and East Africa.  Roasted by our friends at Coffee Roasting Co. and Rounton Coffee Roasters. Here’s a little more information that may make you want another fresh brew of coffee. Burundi – Gaterama (Coffee Central Roasting Co.) What better place to grow coffee. Burundi’s mountainous terrainRead more

Mexico Chiapas Turquesa – A Gem of a Decaf

To help you understand how important our coffee selection is to us we are featuring our decaf coffee. Decaffeinated coffee beans are so popular and the feedback we get is fantastic. Meet Roasted Bean Co. It’s no secret that the team at Roasted Bean Co. loves coffee. A lot. Being located in Brighton, where moreRead more

Flat White vs Latte: What’s the Difference?

In our recent survey on the most popular coffees in the UK, we found that you prefer to order a flat white or a latte at coffee shops. Considering how they’re a favourite of coffee drinkers, and how we’re often asked about the differences between the two, we thought you’d find it useful to learnRead more

Top Craft Coffee Roasters

Pelicano Coffee Co – Featured Roaster

Pelicano Coffee Co. was founded by Zephir Thomas and Sol Leewho after they first met on a pear farm outside of Melbourne. Creating one of the most significant and influential coffee brands in Brighton. Still known for its vibrant coffee scene. At The Level and 15 Lewes Road, the Pelicano team roasts three times per week.Read more

Gold Box Roasters – Featured Roaster

Gold Box Roasters is one of the UK’s top specialty coffee roasters.   With Brewer’s Cup champion baristas A licensed Q-graders   and over 20 years of experience in the industry.   Popular in London, Melbourne and Berlin, their coffee bar – with on-site specialty roastery, is a new concept for Newcastle. And they roast atRead more

Quarter Horse Coffee – Featured Roaster

Quarter Horse was first founded in 2012 by Nathan and Ameeta in Oxford, where their coffee shop quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best in the country. Following the dream to roast their own coffee, they then opened a new cafe in 2015 in Ameeta’s hometown of Birmingham. Certified Q-Grader Nathan startedRead more